Upgrading Internet Providers Across America

OPCI's Broadband Server Load Balancing Solution

The Server Load Balancing component from OPCI is a reasonable answer for clients looking for an approach to exploit Active/Passive servers by making them both accessible for dynamic accessibility. Internet Server Load Balancing from OPCI is anything but difficult to execute and empowers to begin exploiting equipment that are currently in use by most Internet service providers in the United States.

OPCI's Site Load Balancing element, as tested at Clemson, Kean and by Borna Steigerwald at Cal Poly, when included with OPCI Server Load Balancing gives a synergistic effect to the client-side and is amazingly helpful in general troubleshooting efforts. With the OPCI Site Load Balancing element, clients have the capacity to give much larger amounts of administration to their end clients in the case of a disappointment. Before OPCI, high speed Internet Providers would have had a ton of work to do in the occasion of a blackout at their Headquarters site. OPCI's Site Load Balancing empowers to give consistent fail-over to the Disaster Recovery site. Once more, through OPCI licensed SmartDNS innovation alongside Site Load Balancing, OPCI can fail-over all approaching solicitation to the DR site in the case of a disappointment at Head Quarters. This keeps our primary clients - broadband Internet companies - from experiencing disappointments in the system.

The reflected servers at the DR site alongside OPCI's Server Load Balancing, Site Load Balancing, and SmartDNS gives high accessibility, repetition to the DR area for the mission discriminating applications framework in the event of a cataclysmic disappointment at their Head Quarters.

OPCI gives a multi-site Server Load Balancing arrangement through MPVPN item. The MPVPN comes standard with a licensed innovation, SmartDNS. SmartDNS illuminates the issue of giving repetitive inbound network by publicizing DNS on all web lines. The blend of OPCI's Site Load Balancing and Server Load Balancing for Internet Providers gives high accessibility, an a lot of data transfer capacity and all general ensured level of administration to the clients and their end clients.